Aikido Musubi Ryu encourages students to broaden their Aikido experience by attending Seminars and visiting other dojos.  Students from other styles are welcome to attend Hamilton sessions.  Contact us for more information

Coming up

July 2/3.  Winter Camp – the usual Aikido Shenanigans + Hapkido, Ninjutsu, Karate and jiu Jitsu

Regular Events

  • June each year
    Winter camp with IOAA, Silverdale
  • January each year
    4 day Summer camp with IOAA, Silverdale. Includes Guest instructors from other martial arts and often instructors from overseas
  • April each year
    Aikido Musubi Ryu participates in the Waikato Martial Arts Seminar hosted by the Norris Academy, where students get to have a go at the amazing range of Martial Arts available in the Waikato
  • Gradings
    Dan gradings are held in December if there are students ready. Kyu gradings are held throughout the year as students reach the required number of hours

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