About Musubi Ryu

Sensei Clyde Sutton founded the club in in 1987 under Sensei Johannes Buiter. After Sensei Buiter’s retirement in 1997 the club became independent and took the name Aikido Musubi Ryu.

As a club Aikido Musubi Ryu trains in a flowing manner while retaining an awareness of the martial aspect of the art.  Musubi means the joining or blending of seemingly disparate elements, such as empty handed and weapons based techniques.  Saotome Shihan describes Musubi as “the process of the unification of opposites…Musubi is movement, for without movement there can be no joining.  Its symbol is the spiral perpetually recycling its energy”

Aikido Musubi Ryu considers training in all these aspects are important to maintaining the integrity of Aikido.

musubi kanji